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I wish I were the Moon I wish I were the Moon

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I don't know who Italo Calvino is, I guess I'll have to go look him up. But this game was beautiful and sweet, I enjoyed it very much! It has out standing potential, please consider expanding it. It could use a loading screen, just for polish, and some sort of special "all endings found" screen or event or animation or something. If this is based on a poem or a song, it would be awesome if you could include it in the game somehow, so we'd have the context. Ambient sound effects would be nice too- like the sound of the water.

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The Impossible Quiz The Impossible Quiz

Rated 4 / 5 stars

An Open Letter:

Dear Impossible Quiz Creator

Allow me to give you a bit of advice on this game
The point of the game is of course painfully simple, but
@#% by the time you have used your eyes to read this lovely review, more reviews decrying the difficulty of your game will most likely have appeared on the bottom of the game's page, burying you in shameful chastisement.

Oh, well. It was fun for as long as I could stand it!

Best Wishes,
Stupid Owl OO

p.s. With your talent for confoundment and misdirection, I must wonder whether you hold employment with your country's foreign intelligence service.

Splapp-me-do responds:

Bahaha! Thanks a lot! :p

The Maccabees The Maccabees

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hidden Moral: The Macabees were wimps.

I don't know if it has occured to anyone yet, but this game makes the macabees look completely helpless.

Imagine a similar game where unarmed US soldiers march blindly into oncomming Iraqi insurgents, and only the president, operating his super-secret orbital weapons platform, can save them.

It's that, and other aspects of this game- like needing six holy lightning bolts to kill one man- that make it not so much insensitive as stupid. The interface is simple, yet somehow remains counter-intuitive; it took me quite a while to guess what the '5/9' at the bottom meant.

The sound is solid, the graphics are satisfying, the programing adequate- clearly somebody put a lot of work into the game. But as far as gameplay, it's horrible. It should not already feel repetetive on the first level.

You'd be better off just making a Flash clone of Lemmings with new levels.

Arrow Wizard Arrow Wizard

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Great execution does not a front page make.

The is an outstanding execution of a totally unorginal idea, with little to no innovation apparent. It seems very well programmed, but that alone doesn't make me want to play it. (I gave it a 4 anyway, just because I am a sucker for slick construction.)

Some suggestions:

1. Make the up & down arrows the same size as the left and right ones. The change in size is jarring.

2. The flavor text? No one has time to read it. If you want to make it more fun- and more distracting- print the messages on the arrows themselves. Put something funny on them, and the game could actually be enjoyable for short bursts.

3. There didn't seem to be an end to the game, and I lost interest pretty fast. Make it possible to quit by hitting the esc key, rather than having to watch 15 arrows die first.

You are certainly very good with flash; you just need some better ideas.

Robot-Creations responds:

Hellow, thanks for your review (that goes to all)!
It's my first game ever created, so I think you know because It' s not THAT good!
Oh, and, I even don't know what DDR is ^^

Dragonslayer v1.2 Dragonslayer v1.2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Unholy Flying Terrors, Batman!

Okay, this is kind of embarrasing for me, but:

I suck at this game.

Now, some people here seem to think that if they suck at a game it is therefore crappy. I am not of their ilk. In fact, I like this game immensely; it has far more strategy to it than most shooters. But to save my life I cannot get past level seven. I seem to have all the marksmanship of a drunken wombat wielding a paper airplane. I am utterly baffled by some people's complaints that this game is too easy.

Never the less, I think you really have something here. The graphics and sound are solid; the controls are simple, the action is well-paced. I've heard some people complain about the camera moving; frankly, I LOVE the camera; it makes the game feel much more alive and dynamic. Any complaints about not being able to see what was going on should have been dispelled by that handy-dandy radar.

I know you may be getting sick of this project, but if you wanted to make the game more interesting (and I suppose therefore harder...) here are some suggestions:

1) Add a free-play mode for people who want an endless onslaught, (like in the original version) or at least infinite levels.

2) Magic bolt upgrades. Say, hold down Z for fire, X for ice, C for wind, etc. Magic bolts can then have different effects; say the ice bolt stuns them and the wind bolt blows away fire balls and pushes the dragons away from the tower.

3) Alternatively, you could make different dragons, so that the player has to match elemental bolts to dragons to have any effect. (fire bolt on the ice dragon, ice bolt on the fire dragon, etc.) The game HATCH at Eyez Maze plays on this idea.

4) Other spells. Say, you press a key to produce a shield that can absorb one fireball. Or summon some ravens or something to fly around attacking the dragons for thirty seconds. (remember the bees in LoZ: A Link to the Past?) Or maybe a shockwave that pushes all dragons back from the

5) More complex dragon behavior. Say, have some swoop in to fire and then quickly pull back again. Perhaps have some that don't breath fire but try to damage the tower by ramming it or something. Think Super Mario Overrun.

6) Change the magic meter, especially if you choose to add other spells. Instead of having a small meter that has to be full to fire, have a much bigger meter so that different spells can have different mana costs. This would have a big effect on rapid fire upgrades; you'd need one to increase firing speed, one to increase magic charging speed.

7) If you change the magic meter, and keep the same-style firball deflection spell, make it cost mana as well. Maybe have upgrades to give it a bigger area of effect. (like upping the brush size in a drawing program)

7) A sequel with multiple magic abilities could be made much more interesting by making it practical for the player to choose different upgrade paths; (think Project Monochrome) instead of having to upgrade everything evenly, tweaking could allow the player to go for rapid-fire coldbolts or heavy-hitting fire balls.

8) Maybe have to worry about the wizard himself getting hurt as well as the tower. You could have little dragons that swoop down and try to claw his eyes out. Maybe you could buy him armor. Maybe he could hire a knight to stand on the tower with him and try to fend off dragons trying to land.

9) The new story is better, but it could be better yet. Instead of having wave after wave of the same dragon family throwing themselves at him, say perhaps he's somehow gotten his hands on something that all dragons everywhere will want? It gives both the wizard and the dragons more credit.

10) Make the repair price constant. Come on already.

Anyway, I have enjoyed playing this game very very much, and I thank you for making it. Have a nice day.

thewasteofwebspace responds:

Whooaaaa... thank you very much for the extremely long review. Longest ive ever seen... even on other peoples movies...

Just for that, ill give you the cheat for free... just mail me at and ill reply with it. But you'd probably figure it out using other peoples reviews...

Now on with the show... :)

Thats not crappy... level 7 is actually quite the achievement... To be honest I havnt actually tested to see if the game is more difficult since I tweaked it, and just used my best judgement in balancing fire rates/damage/costs etc. I hope the tweaks are a change for the better. But like I said, level 7 is actually quite high...

Glad you liked the graphics and the camera. And even though you would think the radar would stop people complaining about not being able to see the dragons, the complaints barely even slowed down. What do people expect? For me to make the dragons appear on the playing field? They have to come from somewhere offscreen! If I just made them appear, people would complain about how unrealistic it is for dragons to just pop up into visual view...

1) Freeplay mode... Thats actually a good idea. Id probably make it into 'Original mode' or 'retro mode' or something. Im not sure many people would use it for more than a few minutes before getting sick of it, like the prequel, so im not sure if its worth it...

2) Spell variety... a lot of people have asked for this. I'll more than likely add it to a sequel. I like the suggestion of the spells having attributes such as knocking away and stunning and stuff...

3) Another good idea. I thought of doing that when I decided to make a variety of spells. I figure, why make different spells with different damages when I can make the same spell with the same effect and increasing damage... and I thought about different spell effecting the different types of dragons more effectively than others...

4) I havnt seen LoZ, but I can picture what you mean. A swarm of crows harrasing a dragon making them loose damage constantly for a while. Thats a good idea.

5) Dragon behavior and AI are very difficult to make. It would end up looking random at best. And to make swooping I would have to animate those, and I cant animate to save my life. The dragon wings looking the way they do at the moment was even a stroke of luck...

6) Thats a really good idea actually. I was thinking of something along those lines...

7) I was actually thinking of making the deflection spell into some kind of shield that you can change the direction its facing to block incoming attacks. Its like the old system, but a lot easier to use.

7) (you wrote 7 twice hehe...) Having spell pathways reminds me of diablo 2, in that a necromancer for instance can be more oriented on making golems, or re-encarnating the dead. That is to say I havnt played Project Monochrome...

8) Thats not bad. I think that would make the game un-nessisarily deep though... I can just see people complaining about having too many things to upgrade and not being able to ever completely defend themselves from one thing or another. A good idea though...

9) The story is really only a joke. I guess if i make the game deeper ill give it a proper, more realistic story...

10) Fine fine... Ill do it next time I tweak it *grr... * :P

You're very welcome. Its a pleasure to make games for reviewers such as yourself...

Gary the Robot Part 1/4 Gary the Robot Part 1/4

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


To be honest, the art and animation in this movie are not that bad; and I really like the song. However, this is a completely inappropriate use of the NG portal. You could have made something genuinely decent with this animation, but instead you decided to just piss people off.

I agree with you that sentimentality over the September 11th terrorist attacks went to far as the months went by, but these are the United States of America after all, and taking things too far is what we do best. If you're going to complain about it, you can do it both more intelligently and more effectively than this.